Why I don’t smoke weed but love stoners – Stand Up Comedy by Kenny Sebastian

In his latest clip from his brand new special, Kenny talks about his constant life-affair with stoner’s. Even though no one believes him that he doesn’t smoke weed (Marijuana) , He loves the company of people who do. His fascination for these individuals sparks from how stoner’s talk about weed.

After releasing three stand up comedy specials online, Indian Stand Up Comedian Kenny Sebastian is back with “A Door Through a Window”, Selling out in 7 cities across the country, “A Door through a window” focuses on things that he loves, is mortified of and still can’t wrap his head around presented in his unique perspective.

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Instagram: @KennethSeb

Production manager : Stephen Alexander (Delhi).


Written, Directed & Edited by Kenneth Sebastian.

Produced by OML.

Ps. A lot of joints were rolled with love as Kenneth watched patiently.



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