What Enters Your Lungs When You Vape #Shorts

In this video I am performing one experiment which shows that What enters your lungs, after smoking a single cigarette #shorts

Smoking is very harmful for lungs as it contains harmful substances. For discovered that how cigarette is harmful for lungs I am doing this experiment. This experiment contains a bottle filled with water a cigarette at the cap of the bottle. As I remove all the water from bottle the smoke of cigarette can stuck in cotton which fixed right under the cap. As you can see result a little part of cotton turns into black part which shows that what enter in your lung, after smoking cigarette.

The reason behind doing this experiment is I realized that most of young boys and girls are addicted by cigarette. So I want to show them what happens with their lungs when they smoke cigarette.

There are many side effects of smoking. Such as lung cancer, Blood cancer, enxiety, marijuana, weed, cannabis etc. There are many disadvantages of smoking. So quit smoking.

Also watch this experiment :- https://youtube.com/shorts/69HdVhy1sGA?feature=share

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