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What Are The Benefits Of CBD? To date, there have been numerous health benefits reported from taking CBD.
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I first started experimenting with hemp oil back in 2015 to reduce inflammation. However, I really started to dig into the efficacy behind CBD and cannabis back in 2019 to help reduce my anxiety.

Based on my research, CBD may be effective in helping:
– Reduce anxiety
– Alleviate stress
– Improve sleep
– Decrease chronic joint and muscle pain and inflammation
– Speed up recovery after training

Even though you’re doing your body justice by training with weights and sprinting with intensity, these workouts do create inflammation and aches and pains in the body.

As Live Leaners, to reduce inflammation and pain, we must:
– Consume the proper healthy foods
– Take the right supplements
– Recover with sufficient sleep
– Follow a smart stretching and mobility plan

CBD acts as an anti-inflammatory to speed up recovery and improve sleep. Personally speaking, the two areas I needed most help with were my anxiety and sleep.

As an entrepreneur my mind is always going. On top of this, being a very involved dad of two young kids, my stress and lack of quality sleep has taken a toll on me.

However, once my wife Jessica and I started experimenting with CBD and cannabis:
– I’ve been having more resultful and deeper sleep
– Our intimate relationship has been better than ever
– My anxiety levels continue to improve

I’m honestly amazed at what CBD and cannabis can do and the response it has elicited with my body and mental health.

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What Are The Benefits Of CBD? | LiveLeanTV

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