Thyroid disease in dogs – How do I treat Thyroid issues in my dog?

Treating Thyroid Problems In Dogs

“What dose it mean for your dog to have a thyroid problem ? When Dogs have an issue it is usually due to a decrease or increase in the production of thyroid hormone. What does increase vs decrease mean? Increase is referred as hyperthyroidism and th Decrease is referred to as hypothyroidism.

What are the causes? is it cancer or is it genetics?

Hyperthyroidism is commonly caused by a thyroid tumor (carcinoma), where as
Hypothyroidism is believed to be genetic.

What are the treatments?

Even though Hyperthyroidism is uncommon in dogs. The treatment for it involves the removal of the diseased sections of the thyroid.  Along with the removal a synthetic hormone replacement therapy will also be part of the treatment in both Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism cases.

The treatment for Hypothyroidism can be easily controlled, and have an excellent out come.

Where the prognosis for hyperthyroidism all depends on the size of the cancerous tumor with in the thyroid. Unfortunately the prognosis will be different if the cancer has spread.

Are there holistic ways of treating it?
Yes, Holistic veterinarians believe natural medicine can be used to stimulate hormone production. Yet, treatment recommendations are based on the exact condition of your dog’s thyroid.”

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