Sadhguru about Cannabis: what you enjoy is not marijuana, its a little bit of recklessness in you

-People want their life experience to be little more than what it is
-experience hunting
-slowly over a period of time Marijuana will make you more and more incapable of handling life situations.
-Marijuana creates a kind of one layer of distance which is close to meditation in terms of experience.
But what meditation can do in terms of the impact that it has on the system, marijuana doesn’t do.
-Marijuana slowly makes you incapable of handling many things.
-marijuana brings mental incapability.
-if you are smoking regularly,definitely it makes you mentally incapable over a period of time
-You must act consciously.
-pot smoking people bleive -if everybody is smoking, there will be no violence in the world, everybody will be peaceful, loving. It’s not true.
-If pot smoking people manufactured your car, okay¬Ö you couldn’t rely on it.
-I am always intoxicated;internally I am absolutely drunk.If You are drunk in your inner experience and the level of your mind you are fully alert-This would be fine.
-Any time if I want I can go absolutely crazy.
If your mind gets intoxicated, then all your capability is gone.
-what you enjoy is not marijuana, its a little bit of recklessness in you,a little bit of intoxication in you.
-getting drunk on life in such a way, that you are in deep intoxication all the time.
-Instead of “wine” we shift to “Di-vine”



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