Grow Cannabis on your Windowsill!

No room for a grow tent – why not try your windowsill?

Not all of us or, in fact, quite a few of us just don’t have room for a grow tent where we live.

Maybe you share a house with friends who aren’t avid potheads, or perhaps you live in a bedsit.

Ideally you need a spare room for a grow tent if you don’t want it to become the focal point of your entire life.

So what if there just isn’t the room, what then?

Well, what’s wrong with your windowsill, as long as it doesn’t face due north?

Okay, it’s not so easy to control the growing environment, and you can’t control the hours of daylight the way you can with an independent lighting system, but that’s not a crisis.

Aside from that, the only other downside is that if your windowsill is on the first two floors of the
property, passersby, who generally tend to have a nosey nature, may spot your botanical exploits.

In order of priority, you want a south-, east-, or west-facing window. West-facing is not brilliant as the afternoon sun tends to be more dehydrating in strength.

You can increase the light with LED lights that you can buy which have a flexible stand so you can direct the light accurately. However, we recommend that you only do this with the curtains drawn as you’ll attract as much attention as a hooker does with a red light in her window!

Your next potential problem is keeping the soil sufficiently moist, but without keeping it permanently waterlogged.

If you can’t afford a connected moisture sensor, then it’s down to sticking your finger in the soil. If nothing sticks to it, then the plant needs watering.

Just make sure you get no water on the leaves as drops of water act like mini magnifying glasses and you’ll burn the leaves on a sunny day.

Choosing the right pot can also help with potential watering problems.

Obviously you don’t want a ten litre pot if you have a narrow windowsill, but anything from two litres upwards will do, bearing in mind that the smaller the pot equals the smaller the plant.

Then comes the soil, and with limited space, nutrient-rich soil is essential. The soil should be rich and dark, but still airy, not claggy and clay-like.

Make sure that as well as abundant micronutrients, you have plenty of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous in the soil.

Finally, you have the choice of plant, and some strains will give you far better yields than others in the less-than-perfect growing environment.

Try varieties such as Auto White Widow, which in a windowsill, will grow up to about 60cm in height. After all, you don’t want plants blocking out all the light from entering the room!

There’s also Formula one auto and quick one, whose names are pretty self-explanatory.
Of course there is one great advantage of growing your cannabis plants on a windowsill, and that providing the window opens, you have plenty of ventilation to avoid the tell-tale smell of terpenes as the plant matures!

Have you grown plants on your windowsill before? Let us know how it went in the comment section below, and of course if you enjoyed this video make sure to like and subscribe so you too can become a cannabis expert!



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