5 Exercises to PREVENT and ALLEVIATE Carpal Tunnel

Rehab and Revive Physical Therapist explains carpal tunnel syndrome and pain. Though the feeling of carpal tunnel may reside in the hand or wrist, the root cause may be coming from elsewhere. By doing these exercises, you can determine where your carpal tunnel is really originating from. Whichever exercise improves your carpal tunnel most will show you the joint that is weak. Always remember to consult a medical professional before attempting any self-treatment or exercise.

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Not all exercises, suggestions, and recommendations presented here are suitable for everyone and are in no way substitute for medical counseling.

These exercises can result in injury. Any user of this program assumes the risk of injury and holds harmless and releases Dr. Justin Lin and Rehab and Revive Physical Therapy, Inc. from any and all liability in connection with the program and advice herein.

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