10 Best CBD Vape Juices For 2022 (UPDATED)

With CBD use and CBD vaping continuing to grow in popularity, it can be tricky to determine which is the best CBD vape on offer. There is a myriad of different strengths, and extraction methods, such as CBD isolates to broad/full spectrum CBD vape.

So, we would like to present to you a list of what we consider to be the best CBD vape juices customers can buy.

The 10 CBD Vape Juices are:
00:00 | Introduction
01:19 | CBDfx Blue Raspberry
02:46 | CBD by Ohm Brew Blueberry Bubble
03:54 | Aztec CBD Ice Mint
05:04 | CBD by Ohm Brew Lemon & Lime Lolly
06:05 | Canavape Slemberry
07:14 | Cali Greens Booster Shot
08:24 | Aztec CBD Super Lemon Haze
09:58 | Cali Greens Amnesia Mango
11:27 | Orange County Cherry OG Kush
13:26 | Orange County CBD Pineapple Express

We here at MIST cannot give medical advice, and would strongly encourage anyone considering vaping CBD to consult their GP about its use for your personal circumstance.

Balloon (Prod. by Lukrembo)
Link : https://youtu.be/Byg7QBAbf90



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