VT CBD Strips for Sleep

Our team at CBDtv.com will review VT CBD Strips for Sleep. I received my first shipment from CBDtv.com.

The CBD Strips for Sleep product is manufactured by VT CBD Goods, a company based in Vermont. They also make strips to stay awake and also for recover. All products are available through our ecommerce platform at CBDtv.com.

The package I purchased includes 250 milligrams per pack, with 10 strips. It retails for $24.95.

The product packaging indicates 25 milligrams of hemp, with a spearmint flavor. Check out the lab report on the product section of our website, which you can access by clicking CBDtv.com on the top banner of our YouTube channel.

Make certain that you check with your healthcare provider to ensure any type of medication product is right for you. To use the CBD Strips, the package indicates that you place a strip on the tongue. The strip will dissolve and may lead to better sleep, although the FDA has not tested this claim.

An earlier video shows that I placed the order on June 30, 2020. The description below provides the backstory on why we started our CBD store and the ways that it contributes to social justice.

• New CBD Store Delivers CBD Products by Mail
o https://youtu.be/AGgysgGFba4

The products that came today include the following:

1. Medterra—CBD Tablets—Melatonin Sleep—25 Milligram.
2. Blue Moon Hemp — CBD Edible — Gummies with Melatonin —2 oz —150 Milligram
3. Original Hemp — CBD Capsule — Energy —750 mg
4. Social — CBD Topical — Cooling Mint Muscle Balm Stick — 400 Milligram
5. CBDfx Lemonade Chill Shot CBD Drink 20 Milligram
6. Original Hemp Sleep Capsules Sleep Pack 25 Milligram
7. VT CBD Strips Sleep 250 Milligrams Per Pack

Now that I’ve received the products, I will begin to prepare individual CBD Review videos for each of the products that our company, CBDtv.com provided.

Our new CBD store, CBDtv.com, is an initiative that serves a dual purpose. Besides striving to provide consumers with an online platform to purchase CBD products, we’re working on a social justice initiative to support the work of Prison Professors. My name is Michael Santos, and I spearheaded both projects. I made bad decisions as a young man, and as a result, I went to prison for 26 years. While incarcerated, I worked to prepare for a law-abiding, contributing life upon release. To advance the strategy, I earned university degrees, I published books, and I built a strong support network. Upon my release from prison, in August of 2013, I I began creating digital content to teach and inspire other people in jails and prisons.

To support these efforts, I approached the founders of CBDfx, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of CBD products. After explaining our social justice initiative, I asked if he would agree to collaborate with us. That discussion led to the establishment of CBDtv.com.

Next, I spoke with other business leaders to get support for the initiative. I will film videos with each of those companies that helped us to build and promote our new CBD store. We hope that you will consider CBDtv.com for all of your CBD needs. In so doing, you will receive your CBD products by mail, but you will also be assisting our efforts to improve outcomes of the criminal justice system. With our collaboration, we’ll continue to produce digital content through Prison Professors to teach and inspire people in jails and prisons.

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