The Pain Minute Podcast: CBD Oil For Pain | Episode 1 (Part 1/4)

Hello Everyone Welcome to THE PAIN MINUTE Youtube Channel. Today we will learn about CBD Oil For Pain | Episode 1 (Part 1/4).

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hello everyone and welcome to a new episode of the pain minute. So, today I have dr. Rachna Patel of the CBD oil solution. So she is an expert on CBD oil and cannabis. We’re going to talk to her and see if we can learn a little something from her today. So she is a cannabinoid medicine doctor.

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She has been a cannabinoid medicine doctor since back in 2012. This means that she has basically been treating patients with cannabinoids like CBD like THC since back then and that’s essentially what she does as a rare breed of a physician.

She was searching on craigslist and found some advertisements. This is where her journey starts. Watch The full video to know more.

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00:13 CBD Oil Solution
00:40 Cannabinoid Medical Doctor
01:32 Pain Medication
03:08 Medical Marijuana
04:48 Opioids with The Cannabinoid

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