STRONGEST THC OIL EVER! WHAT IS WEED DISTILLATE? shows Legal Canadian cannabis users a potent weed extract oil known as THC distillate or The clear.

THC Distillate: The Ultimate Guide
At The Green Canadian, we have a solid Canadian crew of long time smokers, growers, extractors, and dispensary operators in our midst and one thing we all agree on is the fact that we love THC distillate.

We enjoy dabbing it, we use it in our weed edibles and distillate is vape pens as well.

This pure THC oil extract is a beautiful golden goo of glory that is sure to have even the most seasoned of stoners satisfied with its potent effects.

What is THC distillate you may be asking. Well, in this ultimate guide we will cover everything, including what THC distillate is, how it is made, how to dab it
and much more !

How Distillate is Made
Making THC Distillate is a multi step process that requires extraction,decarboxylation,
winterization and Distillation to produce a pure single cannabinoid oil.

To make THC distillate, you are going to need a short path or fractional distillation
machine set up.

These extraction systems utilize heat, pressure, and steam to manipulate the boiling points of cannabinoids so that compounds can be fractioned off for collection.

By doing this, cannabis compounds are separated by weight and unique boiling points, leaving undesirable compounds behind.

THC distillate can pass through this process a few times to produce an even more pure
cannabis product.

When done properly, your left with an extremely potent, thick, golden cannabis oil that is nearly 100 percent THC.

Clear THC distillate is Completely flavourless and has no smell, but offers a wonderful euphoric high!

As mentioned before, Unlike shatter, THC distillate does not require a solvent during
extraction, making it one of the cleanest and safest cannabis products to dab.

What Is THC Distillate?

If you are new to medical marijuana or just delving into cannabis concentrates, you may be curious as to exactly what THC distillate is.

THC distillate, also known as raw, or The Clear, is a pure form of medical cannabis oil which is nearly 100% THC. Distillate is a beautiful golden, translucent , viscous oil that looks a lot like honey but is remarkably flavorless and has no real aroma.

THC distillate is definitely one of the strongest weed products legally available too Canadian’s and in Canada cannabis connoisseurs love the stuff.

Most medical patients and other
marijuana users choose to dab the clear oil, although it has many other uses.

Another bonus of THC distillate is that it decarboxylates during extraction, meaning
that it is already activated and doesn’t need to be heated up for use in edibles or other

Distillate is a much stronger cannabis extract than even RSO, BHO, wax and hash.



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