PCOS, Endometriosis & Fibroid Recovery with Dr Adrienne Lara, Fertility Empowerment Show

Are you struggling with PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) , Endometriosis and Fibroid
Are you trying to conceive
Do you feel that you may never get pregnant
I was blessed to have this amazing doctor: Dr Adrienne Lara, MD (Gynecologist & Cosmetic Specialist) in my show, a woman who always believes in power of healing and self-care and has survived:
️Cancer and
️Fertility Issues
Her motivational talk encouraged me to listen over and over again to this interview.
If you have lost your inspiration listen to this episode and empower yourself with words of wisdom and great amount of knowledge.
In this episode we will discuss about:
️Are these symptoms can lead to infertility?
️What are the signs and treatments?
️At Celebrating Women Center in Oxnard, California, Dr. Adrienne Lara, MD, wants her patients to know that she went to medical school for you. She believes good patient care is collaborative, and involves both the patient and doctor working together as a team to get to the same goal — patient wellness. Dr. Lara takes the time to listen to her patients to better understand who they are, so she’s not treating symptoms, but the whole patient, including their mind, body, and spirit.
You can reach her here:
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