Organic CBD Oil

If you’ve been looking up CBD online, you’ve probably heard terms like organic hemp oil, organic CBD oil, cannabis oil and more. These are often used interchangeably even though they’re very different things.

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Manufacturers can lure consumers in with misleading or confusing labels. So the more information you have, the better products you’ll buy.

In this video, we’ll break down some ambiguous labels, starting with organic CBD.

What is organic CBD?

As things currently stand in the US, organic CBD oil grown from hemp in the US is a misnomer. Here’s why: to attain the ‘organic CBD oil’ status, CBD oil would have to be recognized by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration), which it isn’t. Any US-based company selling US-grown ‘organic CBD oil’ is misrepresenting facts.

An alternative to organic CBD oil would be choosing CBD that comes from organic hemp. Domestic hemp is yet to be certified by the USDA, but not for long! With the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, the USDA has started to gather information to create laws on the production of industrial hemp, which will include licensing and regulation. Until then, there are things consumers can do to find CBD products made from organic hemp.

What does organically grown hemp mean?

Hemp that is grown by using organic methods can be referred to as organically grown.

Why is it important to use CBD from organically grown hemp?

The hemp plant has the incredible ability to draw contaminants from the soil. Any chemical fertilizers or pesticides used in cultivation will be absorbed by the hemp plant. If your CBD comes from contaminated hemp, it’s very likely that some of those chemicals will wind up in the final product.

Before purchasing a CBD product, check the manufacturer’s website or pamphlet. Any brand worth trusting will provide information about their farming and manufacturing processes.
That being said, CBD that comes from organically grown hemp can still contain trace toxins and metals. To make sure that you’re consuming the cleanest CBD blend, insist on third-party lab tests from your provider.

Seeded locally in Oregon and Colorado, all Hempure products are made using non-GMO hemp plants and organic farming practices. Hempure also regularly gets all products tested for potency, toxins, microbes, terpenes, and solvents.

Until hemp is regulated, it’s on the consumer to do some digging about what they’re buying. That may sound tiresome, but a couple extra minutes of research could ensure you’re getting the best results from your CBD product. There’s a lot to choose from out there, and if you’re looking for guidance on what kind of CBD product you need, we’ve got you covered.



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