How I use cannabis oil for my aggressive brain cancer CBD and RSO THC

In the UK press again this week and people ask what I use so here is a quick simple video explaining more, I’ll shortly be interviewing some cannabis experts for my channel also who know a lot more than I do!

A little details on the cannabis oils I use the CBD and the RSO – Rick Simpson Oil (THC/FECO)
Since doing this my cancer is STABLE no more progression despite it growing very fast and aggressively until now we have stopped it – it is a miracle and the power of cannabis oil cannot be disputed it truly is a miracle drug

Cannabis oil kills cancer cells! I swear by it to help not only my health but to kill my cancer and reduce inflammation and pain in my body too – I don’t get migraines anymore and keep very healthy thanks to it!

Wearing my Green Angels USA I Kill Cancer T-shirt!



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