Did your dog eat weed?! Is your dog high? What it looks like if your dog eats weed and what to do?

Hi Everyone! My name is Dan, and I am a veterinarian. In today’s video I talk about what to look for when a dog eats or inhales marijuana. I also cover what your veterinarian may do to make sure your doggy recovers smoothly.

I am sure most of you that are looking this video are stressing over if your dog got some weed. In this video I cover what the pet owner may notice at home if their dog has ingested or inhaled marijuana. I then talk about what I, the veterinarian, may do to diagnose the marijuana toxicity at the vet clinic. Last…I cover what a veterinarian may do to treat marijuana toxicity in the dog.

Dogs eating marijuana or weed is becoming common, so knowing what to expect and how the veterinarian will care for your doggy is really important.



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